WASHINGTON: " Poet Ahmed Faraz's condition has deteriorated, with sources at a Chicago hospital saying that there was not much hope for his recovery. Farza, who was admitted to the hospital on July 10, remains in the intensive care unit. His family wants to take him back to Pakistan as soon as it can be managed, possibly next week. Faraz suffered a stroke after he underwent an operation on his knee, which had become infected as a result of the injury he suffered when he fell while coming down the steps of the Canadian embassy in Washington. He is also said to have developed septecaemia, or poisoning of the blood. His kidneys, in order to remain functional, have to be aided through thrice weekly dialysis. The cerebral damage the poet suffered has impaired his speech and the right-side of his body. He opens his eyes but it is not clear if he recognises people. He was also found to be diabetic.