ISLAMABAD - Khalid Manzoor Butt could rightly be called an unsung artist, who has golden fingers in the art of painting but has avoided displaying his magnificent pieces for the last 40 years thus missed popular acclaim. He is among those artists who always work with deep thought and curiosity and give the perfect shape to their ideas. His work has distinctive flare that sets him apart from other modern artists. The beauty of the majestic mountains, lush green fields, magnificent deserts and the vibrant rural countryside are well captured in paintings of Khalid Manzoor Butt. In an interview with TheNation here on Friday Khalid said, "There are quite few people to whom God has given creative capabilities. I am thankful to God, as my art is not only cause of my contentment but it is also imperative source of my earning." He further said that he did not exhibit his paintings during his whole career, but instead of that he always received great appreciation. Calligraphic work is also one of the characteristics of his work, which always admires his viewers and speak about his creativity and deep vision. "I wish to utilise my skill for benefit of humanity, I want to spread teachings of Islam through my paintings", Khalid said. In 1990 Khalid Manzoor Butt did diploma in Fine Arts from Rawalpindi Art Council. He has established his own studio with name of "Khalid Art Studio", where he always remained busy in paintings. To a question he said that due to his curiosity for paintings he could not complete his education. He said he started his career as a cinema decorator but with the passage of time he started to paint landscapes and culture of his country with water and oil colours. At first sight paintings of Khalid Manzoor perfectly translate about mind of its master.  He always paints with keen interest and love. In 1992 he had painted magnificent paintings for the Artillery Musuem (Attock). He had also worked for Lok Virsa Museum. His large size cultural compositions are displayed at Lok Virsa Musuem that brilliantly translate Pakistani way of life.