LAHORE-The Lahore High Court (LHC) Friday ruled that no one could be detained on agencies' report without having incriminating material against him. Justice Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry of the LHC ruled this while setting aside detention order of Shabbir Ahmed Bhatti on a petition challenging his detention by the Punjab government under Maintenance of Public Order. The judge ruled that keeping in view the health of the petitioner who was in Punjab Institute of Cardiology and in the absence of any material against him, he can not be detained any more. He submitted the government on July 6 had detained him for 45 days declaring him dangerous for peace. The government accused him of involving in a murder case and a hardened criminal who could cause unrest. His counsel Muhammad Ramazan Chaudhry submitted that Bhatti was not involved in any case, adding that in a murder case he was implicated and was declared innocent during the investigation. He said he had no criminal record in any police station. He added that his health was deteriorating and presently was under treatment in Punjab Institute of Cardiology under the care of the police. He said he was being politically victimised. He prayed that the detention order be set aside and he should be released.