ISLAMABAD  - Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani Friday said in unequivocal terms that 'no one has the power to dissolve the Assemblies'. Talking to senior journalists and columnists here, the Prime Minister said all the issues including judges' reinstatement and President's impeachment will be resolved in the Parliament. He said unlike previous governments, the purpose of his scheduled visit to the US is not to strike any kind of deal. All the decisions will be made for the greater interest of the country, he added. The Premier said important issues including terrorism will come under discussion during his meetings with the US leaders. Replying to a question regarding the US and Saudi aid, he said the good news will be shared with the people as soon as the country receives it. He clarified that the federal government had not made any agreements with the militants. "Talks are being held only with the peace-loving people," he said, adding that the federal government will react with full force if militants issue threats to the NWFP government. Gilani said his government is taking steps for improving the living condition of the poor. The government had to shift the burden of soaring oil prices due to flawed policies of the previous government, he said. Gilani said the government gives high priority to economic stability and strengthening of law and order in the country, which are necessary elements of good governance. Prime Minister said to ensure economic stability, the government has to take some corrective measures to put the country on right direction. He said his government is aware of the sufferings of the common man, but is compelled to take some decisions like increase in petrol prices for the country's overall economic stability. He said inflation is a global trend, mainly arising out of rising oil prices. He stressed the need to check the smuggling of food items to control their prices. He said the government has decided to give relief to the poorest of the poor and mentioned the Benazir Income Support Programme which would initially benefit 3.8 million people. Gilani said the poor people identified through NADRA would be facilitated across the board without any political discrimination. He declared that nobody would be allowed to destabilise the country. He said his government believes in dialogue with tribesmen and majority of tribal elders assured of their full support to the government in its efforts to fight terrorism. "Ninety-nine per cent of the tribal people are sincere and committed to the country," he said, adding that some miscreants financed by external elements are involved in vitiating peace in the area. He said suicide bombing is against the spirit and teachings of Islam and most detrimental to the country's image abroad. To a question about his forthcoming talks with US President George W Bush during which the issue of terrorism in tribal areas would come under discussion, the Prime Minister said no decision would be taken against the sovereignty of Pakistan. "There will be no compromise on the sovereignty, dignity and self-respect of the country," he categorically stated. The Prime Minister said he had focused on the policy of dialogue during his earlier meeting with President Bush in Sharm el-Sheikh, reiterating that Pakistan does not consider military action as the solution to the problem. He said he would expand the cabinet after his return from United States, to ensure the resolution of common man's problems by taking up their issues on priority basis. He said 14 parliamentary secretaries have been appointed and soon the list proposed by Awami National Party and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (F) would be announced as well. On judges restoration, the Prime Minister said all coalition parties are being consulted for the solution and he would not waste any moment to take the decision as soon as there emerges some consensus among the party heads. He said his election as a non-Bhutto and non-Sindhi prime minister is an evidence of PPP's strong belief in democratic norms. Gilani deckared that he is not a powerless prime minister, adding that no one has the power to dissolve assemblies. "Empowerment of the Parliament and revival of country's economy was government's top priority", the Prime Minister said. Gilani added that Parliament would decide the fate of President Pervez Musharraf because government believes in balance of power. He went on to say that Co-Chairman Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari is only party leader and not interfering in government affairs. Answering to a question, the Prime Minister said that he does not want to level allegations against previous government because they have been totally rejected by people of the country in Feb 18 elections. PPP clinched the mandate of nation in the elections and would not disappoint the masses, he maintained.