ISLAMABAD - Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Talha Mahmood has announced a countrywide crackdown against the unauthorised sellers of mobile phone SIMs from August 1. While addressing a press conference here on Friday, he said the cellular phone companies have been strictly ordered to contain unauthorised sale of SIMs until the latest deadline that would not be further extended. He informed that so far 6 million SIMs sold out before January 1, 2008, had been blocked while 1.2 million SIMs were replaced after the owners provided their identities. He further said that police in various cities of the country had registered 10 FIRs and arrested 60 people on the charges of unauthorised selling of mobile phone SIMs in surprise raids conducted. He urged cellular companies to ensure sale of SIMs as per the rules described before the deadline expired, as the unverified SIMs had become a serious security threat. Talha informed that he had a meeting with the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of five mobile phone companies that day (Friday), who, he said, complained of sharp reduction in their revenues after the restrictions imposed by the government regarding the identity of the person to whom the SIM was being sold. However, he added that he informed them that there would be no compromise over the national security. In response to a question, Senator Talha said that the tense security situation in the region compelled the government to take some extraordinary measures for ensuring peace and security for the countrymen. He informed that an emergency meeting had been called on August 8, which would be attended by the officials of the Ministry of Interior, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and NADRA. He said the meeting would be aimed at assessing the role played by mobile SIMs in deteriorating the law and order situation in the country and regulating its use. He said that the Senate Committee on Interior was playing key role for the supremacy of the Parliament as the same was keeping check on bureaucracy, traders and industrialist to safeguard the public interests. Talha informed that once the issues related with mobile phone SIMs were settled, the committee would focus on jail reforms. He said that presently the situation inside the jails was the worst and a number of innocent people were lying there on fake charges. He said that during his visit to Adiala Jail, he found an aged man, which was arrested on false charges of rape, while a blind man was arrested on the charge of theft, adding that jails direly needed reforms.