I have seen a letter from Mr Omar Ali in your newspaper on July 1. I do not understand why some people give these funny suggestions to Chief of the Army Staff with out having any knowledge of army's working. I think Mr Ali does not have a clue about the army. To use the rank, even after retirement, is a tradition in all armies of the world. Some, like the US Army, write the word 'retired' with the rank; others, like the British Army, do not. These days I am in UK and I would like to inform ill-informed friends like Mr. Ali that the kind of respect they give to the old, retired personnel of the army is seen to be believed. All veterans travel free in London transport system and can park their cars free anywhere. I would request Mr Ali not to involve the army in politics and show some respect for the people who give their lives so that he can live. -MAJ (Retd) ANWAR PASHA, London, UK, via e-mail, July 9.