Some top leaders of the lawyers' movement allege that some elements among them have turned against their own movement. This allegation is unfounded. In fact, a large number of lawyers have turned against their leadership rather than the movement itself. The leaders, from the very start, were ambitious and greedy. Some of them got lucrative appointments; some others became judges during the Musharraf regime. Still others participated in elections in violation of resolutions passed by their bar councils. Finally, on the night of 13/14 June, the remaining leadership surrendered before establishment at Islamabad's Paltan Maidan to please their respective political bosses. The leaders having loyalties with various political parties are likely to betray the lawyers' community and civil society in future too. They are not sincere to the movement and are in it only to promote the political agenda of their parties. Lawyers should beware of them. It is obvious that no political leader wants an independent judiciary. The lawyer-politicians also fall in the same category. -GANGLY KHAN, via e-mail, July 10.