LAHORE - A wall erected behind one side of commercial plazas in Cavalry Ground has become controversial among the residents, plaza owners and the cantonment authorities, while a few are happy after the partition. The Lahore Cantonment Board reportedly built the wall on the complaint of some residents who complained that backside of the commercial buildings had virtually been converted into parking lots and had become a constant source of trouble for them. As a result of the partition, however, three entry points from behind the commercial area, which the residents would frequently use, have been blocked, thus forcing them to take longer route to get to the shops. They cannot even enter into the business centre on foot as it has been completely sealed off in the rear. The plaza owners are also perturbed over building of this contentious structure in the middle. They not only have lost some customers but they also have been deprived of a permanent parking place for theirs and their customers' vehicles. They also face problems when they have to do some repair work in their commercial buildings because they hardly find any space to place construction material behind the plazas. Interestingly, no wall has been erected behind other side of the commercial area. "The justification given to construct the wall on one side of the commercial centre, equally holds true for the other side, but the area has not been portioned," resented a plaza owner while talking to this scribe. "It's discriminatory on the part of the Cantonment authorities to use different yardsticks regarding the same problem," a resident speaking on condition of anonymity told this correspondent. It has been learnt that controversy over erection of the said wall also led to litigation among plaza owners and the Cantonment Board. A civil court has reportedly decided in favour of the Cantonment authorities.   When contacted for his version, Chief Cantonment Officer, Dr Masood said that the wall has been erected to address a longstanding problem of the residents, who, he said, were facing hardships due to presence of a large number of parked vehicles just in front of their houses. When asked as to why a wall had not been erected behind other side of the commercial center to end the woes of residents from the other side, he said that entry points from other side could not be closed for the reason that a good number of motorists coming from Cavalry Ground (Extension) and Sheraz Villas use these routes to get to the commercial area and to other places.