The Karachi Motor Vehicle Department must be complimented for introducing the creative new number plate system for a new breed of lawless brats. These number plates simply read Zinda Hai BB. I had the misfortune of standing next to one such truck-sized SUV with Zinda hai BB number plate at the Defence-Korangi Road intersection. Fortunately this closeness lasted for only a few fleeting moments as the Zinda hai BB SUV broke the traffic light and sped away, leaving the remaining vehicle drivers feeling rather stupid for unnecessarily waiting for the red light to change. As the light turned green, I went up to the traffic policeman on duty and asked him why he had not even attempted to stop the SUV which had an illegal number plate, illegally black windows and had illegally jumped a red light. His response in Urdu was brief, spontaneous and immensely saddening. "Sir, I do not wish to make my children orphans". This incident, however small, is a reflection of the predicament we are in; our rulers are lawless, our police helpless and our judges PCOed. -NAEEM SADIQ, Karachi, via e-mail, July 10.