ISLAMABAD - Pakistan wants the United States to initiate dialogue with moderate Taliban for the restoration of peace not only in Afghanistan but also in the adjoining Pakistani tribal areas. Pakistan believes that only the use of force by the United States in Afghanistan will not serve the cause of durable peace in Afghanistan and the region and eventually dialogue would have to be initiated with the moderates in the ranks of Taliban to detach them from the extremist elements in the Taliban as well as al Qaeda, said a diplomatic source here on Saturday seeking anonymity. The source said that the talks with Taliban by Saudi Arabia that were backed by US, UK and other western powers had been held in recent past as well but those people were mostly former Taliban leaders and not those who could make any difference when it came to restoration of peace in Afghanistan and Pakistani tribal areas. When asked that Taliban had proved their cohesiveness time and again and the very idea of the moderate or extremist Taliban was unfounded to many, he said that there were elements in Taliban who could be reached and talked to but he would not identify them. He said that some among the ranks and files of Taliban were fighting the US and Nato troops with a view that they (Americans) were occupying force and Taliban warriors were fighting the independence war, while the others were radicals and extremists bent upon destruction and devastation of the region only. If the US and other world powers could reach out to Taliban sans terrorists, they could be won over and persuaded to shun the path of violence, the source added. An official here when contacted expressed his ignorance about Pakistans advice to the Obama administration to negotiate with the moderate Taliban. However, he said that it had always been Pakistans policy to move forward with a three-pronged strategy of dialogue, development and deterrence. He said if someone involved in militancy wanted to lay down arms and part ways with the terrorists, there was no harm in a dialogue with that particular person.