When any bomb blast, suicidal attack or any other terrorist activity, like Mumbai attacks, occurs across the globe, be it India or any western countries, they straight away lay the blame on Muslims and ISI. By blaming us, these governments and their citizens are satisfied and assume themselves to be free from every responsibility. States do propaganda to create hatred in their citizens' minds against their targeted enemy or state to attain their goals. The weakness of our government is that it has never made any effort to prove them wrong and to defend ourselves before their citizens and intelligentia. They do propaganda about our state and show us as terrorists, fundamentalists, and extremists. This they are doing to establish their supremacy and control over our state. As soon as a suicidal or terrorist activity occurs inside Pakistan, we at once reinforce their propaganda by blaming the Taliban and, in effect, accepting the responsibility for it. In many cases, the ISI has declared that Indian secret service RAW is involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan. But our government maintains a stoic silence on the issue. It has become the style, indeed hallmark, of our political leaders and government spokesmen that they accept blame upon ourselves very easily but are loathed pointing a finger at others, especially the enemy across the border. And the media, that biggest source of information, persuasion, and propaganda, also tends to blame our government on virtually every issue. -ASMA DILSHAD WARRAICH, Lahore, via e-mail, July 16.