ISLAMABAD Islamabad Capital Territory Police from top to bottom has been demoralised by none other reason but for the capital crunch of the federal government as the Finance Ministry has informed the ICT Police that they wont get an allocated Rs 200 million. According to sources in the ICT, the Police Headquarters received a Finance Ministry letter last week stating that an allocation of Rs 200 million would not be released. The Ministry in the letter informed the ICT Police that the funds allocated to the police would not be released due to shortage of funds. According to the sources, the letter has also indicated vagueness about the fate of this sizeable allocation. The sources told TheNation that these funds were allocated for capacity building of the ICT police to enhance its capability to effectively operate against the extremists and militants. In the wake of this sizeable allocation the ICT Police had charted out a comprehensive plan for training of cops as well as procurement of equipment, uniform, vehicles, and ammunition. The police had also planned to upgrade working conditions of cops at different pickets besides reinforcing their policing with latest counter terror equipments. Although the police routine would continue but the stoppage of these funds would stop entire future plans developed for modernising and upgrading the policing according to the need of time and best practices across the glob, observed a senior police official on condition of anonymity. This letter from the Finance Ministry denying the release of funds due to whatever reasons has simply turned dream of turning Islamabad Police into a model police simply forlorn now, he added. He was of the view that the government does inform us about the insufficiency of funds but at the same time it expects from us state of the art policing that was not possible without heavy investments.