Amy Winehouses legacy would be muddled if her label released a posthumous album, according to her biographer. Following reports yesterday that the late singers unfinished third album may be given a posthumous release, Chas Newkey-Burden - author of Amy Winehouse: The Biography - said that the LP would be huge but risks ruining her legacy. I think, sadly, it will muddle her legacy, he told Digital Spy. There had been so many delays with the album - she initially said that it would be released in January this year. She obviously had doubts about it, so any posthumous album would raise the question of whether she would have been happy with it. Commercially, Im sure they would want to put something out and no doubt it will be huge. Discussing Winehouses delayed comeback plans, he insisted: She definitely wanted to come back, but I think after having left it so long that she lost her nerve a bit. There was such a high level of expectation and hype that it seemed the longer she left it, the harder it became. Tony Bennett recently compared Winehouse to the worlds most iconic jazz singers after collaborating with her earlier this year. DS