ISLAMABAD - US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter says Washington has been helping Islamabad in dealing with terrorism and rehabilitation of the flood victims. Now, he said, the United States would take such decisions as could restore peoples confidence in the US. He said this while talking to Waqt News in a programme in which his wife was also present. Ambassador Cameron said the two countries were working together on a number of issues. According to him, difference of opinion between the two should not be taken as something unusual. He said the US gave Pakistan substantial financial assistance in its war against terror. Likewise, he said, the US helped the government rehabilitate those affected by last years floods, which were regarded as the worst in the countrys history. He said after the 18th amendment, education sector had been transferred to provinces. Therefore, he said, the US was considering to enhance assistance to provinces in this sector. He was appreciative of Pakistans culture. The ambassadors wife said she was learning Urdu. She said she had engaged a tutor for the purpose and during the past five months had learnt the language. She said she was running some programmes for womens empowerment. She said the US had given assistance to women to enable them to set up small industries.