LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif announced setting up of a committee for granting proprietary rights to the residents of Jallo Morre and other Katchi Abadis and hoped that this issue would soon be resolved.

While hearing complaints of Jallo Morre residents on Wednesday, the chief minister directed the DIG to take strict action against the land grabbers. He ordered the police to vacate Manala and Attu Ki Awan schools from the illegal occupants.

Shahbaz Sharif also ordered the authorities for establishment of girls degree college at Jallo Morre and ensuring provision of clean water and construction of a sports complex. He further announced up-gradation of basic health unit of the area to a 20-bed hospital as well as increase in the emoluments of daily wagers of the Forest Department along with construction of bus stop at Tajpura scheme within seven days.

The chief minister ordered the suspension of former TMO for dereliction of duty with regard to solution of the problems of the masses and failure to improve the sewerage system. He also ordered a survey of the area and initiation of work regarding provision of potable water, streetlights, improvement of traffic system and construction and repair of roads.

On the demand of the citizens, the chief minster ordered up-gradation of primary school up to the middle level. The citizens of Jallo Morre and adjoining areas expressed gratitude to the chief minister for the solution of their problems.

“Pakistan is full of natural resources and has extensive reserves of coal in Thar, abundant water, dams and 74 sugar mills producing bagasse which all are more than sufficient meet our electricity needs,” the chief minister added.

He said to bridge the gap of power production and its consumption, alternative sources of energy could also be explored, but unfortunately, the government of thieves and looters, during the last four and an half years, had indulged only in corruption and plunder, paying no heed to solving problems of the masses on account of which, circular debt has reached to the figure of Rs500 billion.

He said despite corruption of billions of rupees in the form of commission and kickbacks, the rental power projects had not become operational. He said Zardari gang had become completely apathetic to the problems of the masses.

Also, Shahbaz Sharif said to protect life and property of the general public and to maintain law and order, Punjab government had organised and armed the police force with latest weaponry along with substantially increasing the funds for the police department.

He expressed these views while hearing complaints of citizens from various districts, who called on him at his Tent Office on Wednesday. The chief minister said those societies get decimated which did not accord justice to the people. Unfortunately, the police stations in the past were sold, along with the justice itself, he added.

He directed police to improve intelligence system for arresting the culprits, after registration of cases, besides ensuring quick submission of challans in the courts.  Taking notice of media reports, the chief minister ordered the health department to provide free of cost medical care to a sick child, Bilal, who belongs to Sargodha.