ISLAMABAD - The British papers are busy in defaming Pakistan reputation in one way or the other and now just before the start of the London Olympics, they have once again managed to get a fake passport and NIC issue through The Sun newspaper’s paid reporter.

It is true that some black sheep in Pakistan provided them with an opportunity which UK press is trying to dully take advantage of, when they failed in their first attempt to use indifferences of Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) and Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) and barred Pakistan from taking part in the London Olympics using the shoulders of International Olympic Committee (IOC). The British media started to work on plan B that is to somehow damage the Pakistan image to put extra pressure on Pakistani contingent appearing in the Olympics.

The UK papers put behind all the journalistic ethics and tried to create hype by publishing stories that some terrorists may sneak into Britain with Pakistani contingent as an official. How it is possible that a terrorist could accompany Pakistani contingent when an athlete or official wore the green coat and is fully aware of the responsibility lie on his or her shoulder. The entire sporting world can't even give one example of any wrongdoing by them.

International community must adopt same policy for all the sporting nations as they treating Pakistan roughly. When Indians, Sri Lankans, West Indians and others players got away without being punished despite their links with bookies and the world watched them on numerous occasions on their television screens but no one bothers to raise a finger at them. But when a Pakistani, who got trapped into hidden hands, not only gets exemplary punishment from the sporting bodies but also the country had to suffer the brunt. It is not fair to put the blame of any individual on the entire nation.

The latest episode of fake passport is a planted attempt by the Western media especially the British who are afraid of competing against Pakistan on various fields but prefer to use the cheap tactics to fulfill their vested designs.

It is the national and moral responsibility of Pakistan President, Prime Minister and all the concerned ministries to launch a free, fair and impartial inquiry into the matter and bring the culprits to book and award them punishments that no one ever even dare to repeat same mistake again.

It is a matter of great prestige for the people of Pakistan and for the rulers to show the international community that they are sport-loving nation and demand of the British government to take action against the British paper that created the entire saga must provide the solid evidence or be ready to face the music.