LAHORE  - The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Wednesday arrested a human smuggler known as Madam Babri for scamming people out of millions with fake Olympics visas, FIA sources said on Wednesday.

Madam Babri, who had been booked in seven cases, used newspaper advertising spaces for her scam. A complainant Abdul Sattar went to the FIA with the ad clipping reported that the woman had taken Rs 1.5 million as fee for five people at the rate of Rs 300,000 each and did not give a visa in return.

On this, the FIA conducted a raid and arrested Madam Babri and recovered five passports from her possession.

Earlier, the FIA arrested 11 suspects believed to have been involved in a fake passport scam carried out by a Lahore-based politician and other officials.

UK-based tabloid ‘The Sun’ on Monday claimed to have unearthed a scam in which “Lahore-based politician” and other officials, were involved, wherein Pakistani nationals were brought into England under the garb of participants and officials, accompanying the Pakistani Olympics delegation for the summer 2012 Olympics - being started on Friday in London.