Opposition members of the PML-N and the JUI-F on the Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS) expressed serious reservations about the Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar’s remark that the decision to reopen the Nato supply channel was taken in line with the recommendations of the PCNS. She was briefing PCNS members in Islamabad on Tuesday about how Pak-US relations were evolving following the restoration of these supplies. These members voiced concern over the non-implementation of the committee’s recommendations and cited the continuing drone attacks in this regard. They were also critical of the word ‘sorry’ used by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the massacre of 24 of Pakistan’s security personnel by Nato helicopters and maintained that it fell short of ‘apology’ that the PCNS was asking for. They were of the view that the blockade on goods was lifted in haste and that the government should have applied more pressure on the US for the acceptance of our preconditions. Ms Khar told the committee that the DG ISI would take up the matter of drones during his visit to Washington and that Islamabad was seeking written agreements that would spell out the understanding the two countries reach on different aspects of their relations. Talking to journalists after the briefing she asserted that in many respects PCNS’s recommendations were a ‘Bible’ to the Foreign Office that is “formulating its policy according to the guidelines given by Parliament”. She also spoke about Afghanistan and discounted the impression that Pakistan favoured any specific group there; rather, it would cooperate with any government that came into power.

The transit routes for Nato goods have reopened for Nato forces, without giving much in return, except for a mere ‘sorry’, and that too appending to it the remark that the both sides had made mistakes. None of the other parliamentary conditions were met. Drones keep entering our skies at will and hurling missiles at suspected hideouts of militants. These attacks, more than anything else, rouse the tempers of the people not only for the indiscriminate deaths of fellow citizens they cause, but also for the humiliation the country has to suffer for allowing the country’s territorial sovereignty to be violated with impunity. The other condition of road tax for the containers was also dropped somewhere on the wayside. It is pointless to argue now that Pakistan is in negotiation with the US about these issues. If it could not bring round the US while the supplies stood suspended, it is idle to believe that the negotiations would yield any worthwhile result now.