MIRPUR (AJK) - Former prime minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir and prominent leader of Pakistan People’s Party Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhry lashed out at AJK government over corruption in various government departments.Addressing gatherings at various places in Mirpur, former AJK premier Barrister Sultan said that the present AJK government miserably failed on all fronts to deliver to the masses of Azad Kasahmir. He accused the Prime Minister of adopting double standard. He said on the one hand, AJK Prime Minister has acknowledged and declared that serious action would be taken against the corrupt and tainted persons, while on the other hand he himself appointed some corrupt people on key posts in Azad Kashmir. Sultan said his struggle would continue for securing independence of the occupied Kashmir from the 0.8 million Indian occupying forces and secondly for transforming Azad Kashmir into a base camp for the freedom and corruption free territory for the masses of AJK in the truest sense, Sultan claimed.Former AJK PM Barrister Sultan has leveled serious corruption charges against the AJK government led by PM AJK Chaudhry Abdul Majeed and indicated some people were posted on important posts, who had already admitted the accusations leveled against them and assured of returning plundered money to Ehtasab Bureau.Barrister Sultan Mahmood recalled that when he was the prime minister (1996-2001), the federal authorities had imposed a ‘monitoring’ system in the AJK on the grounds that those who provided the funds were empowered to question their utilization.Barrister Sultan said, “I had given ceiling occasion to the government to do eradicate the corruption from the territory of Azad Kashmir and address the concerns of party workers but, our workers are still yearning for their rights.” Barrister Sultan said that he was compelled to raise his voice and from now he would not tolerate more. He demanded of the AJK government to immediately dismiss all those officers deployed on key posts who were facing corruption charges in the Ehtasab Bureau. It is believed that PPAJK got its landslide victory in the recent AJK Assembly elections because Barrister Sultan has his influence in division Mirpur in particular and in Poonch and Muzaffarabad divisions in general. The political leaders in AJK including Federal Ministers converted that Barrister Sultan has played vital role in PPP’s win in AJK election.Well-informed sources told TheNation that the concern regarding the division among Pakistan People’s Party Azad Kashmir has been investigated and discussed among the Pakistan Peoples Party top slot in Islamabad at Zardari House and Awan-e-Sadr where the accountable of the party directed the AJK government to resolve the concerns of Barrister Sultan immediately.The sources told that the meeting was arranged at the house of Federal Minister Kashmir Affairs Mian Manzoor Ahmad Wattoo yesterday where the PP AJK leadership was present also to level out the former AJK Premier’s apprehensions.It is notable to mention here that the former AJK Prime Minister and central leader of PPAJK Barrister Sultan is clean, devoted, trusted, capable, deliverable, popular and influential Kashmiri leader in the entire AJK who could ascend and lift the freedom struggle of Kashmiris not only in UK but in whole world and Barrister could play very magnificent role in seeking a solution of the Kashmir issue in accordance with will of the Kashmiri people, who they are deprived of their basic right and demanding their freedom from the Indian occupation in Indian held Kashmir.An AJK government official, on the condition of anonymity, alleged that since the establishment of MDA the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, AJK Premiers, Presidents, AJK Ministers, MLAs, land mafia, commission mafia and others were benefited and promoted through the expensive plots given by this office but the true and deserving citizens as well as Overseas Kashmiris were overlooked throughout the epoch.MDA Mirpur is known as “Golden Sparrow” in the entire Azad Kashmir to promote the Mafias and to only manipulate and maneuver the political and economical games of big political bosses through unfair means in the history of AJK. Violation of merit at each level is common thing, postings and promotions are increasingly made on the basis of personal contacts and political affiliations powerfully.