DASKA – Local Ulema, their followers and the hundreds of students of religious seminaries adopted a unique method of protesting against the power outages here.

The protesters, along with mats and Jaa-i-Namaz obtaining from different mosques of Daska city, started marching towards the canal bridge before the Isha prayers. Later, hundreds of students from several local religious seminaries also reached there. They belonged to different schools of thought.

All of them blocked the traffic at the both ends of the bridge. They laid their mats and Jaa-i-Namaz there and started offering Isha prayers there on the bridge over Bambaanwala-Ravi-Baidian Canal Daska as a protest against the prolonged loadshedding of electricity.

They also offered Traaveeh there. This unique way of agitation took about two hours, as the traffic remained blocked at both the ends of the bridge on main Sialkot-Daska-Gujranwala Road for two hours. The long queues of the vehicles were there and the people travelling in vehicles were astonished to see local Ulema’s unique way of anti-outages protest.

A huge contingent of police was called which tried to halt this protest. Later, th epolice also performed the security guards duty to secure the Ulema, their followers and students, who remained busy offering Isha prayers and Traveeh.

After lodging this peaceful protest against the power outages, the protesting Ulema dispersed peacefully. Later, talking to the newsmen at Daska, several Ulema and their followers were of the view that they adopted a peaceful and noble way to lodge their protest against unbearable power outages in Daska.

They said that there had been a great suffocation in the mosques because of daily 20 to 22 hours long loadshedding of electricity in Daska.

“Keeping in view the situation, we planned to offered Isha prayers and Traveeh, as the bridge was much suitable place for this purpose. We are suffering power outages. However, at the bridge, we we enjoyed cool atmosphere while offering prayers,” they added.

In SHEIKHUPURA:Dozen of houses electronic appliances go out of order when the electricity tripped off after every movement for the last three days but the Wapda authorities did nothing in this regard, compained the large number of local inhabitants.

When contacted, the SDO and XEN posted in Wapda office said that all the grid station bear heavy load and due to extra burden they tripped-off causing not only the consumers electronic items loss but we also face difficult situation regarding transformers and other line losses. The local Wapda authorities appealed to the area people to avoid using air conditioner and other heavy instruments in peek hours.

On the other hand, the growers who planted rice in their fields blamed due to 12 to 18 hours long loadshedding their tube wells have closed and they faced shortage of water for their crop. It is pertinent to mention here the area people face loadshedding particularly in Traveeh, Sehr and Iftar but the present rulers have no concern.