What the world desperately needs are leaders with morals, ethics and vision. The Cold War between super powers has been replaced by agenda for ‘regime change’ and redrawing of boundaries by engineered rebellions and arming undisciplined rebels with sophisticated weaponry. Following toppling of elected pro Russian government of Ukraine in February and 2013 EU trade Agreement, which effectively divided the country into Pro Russian and Pro EU blocs, tensions have heightened. The alleged brutal shooting down an aircraft of Malaysian Airline MH17 should wake up the world to inherent dangers involved in these proxy wars, when undisciplined trigger happy rebels, with access to sophisticated technology go berserk, shooting anything in sight.

As long as peace and sanity does not prevail and countries do not respect territorial integrity of other nations, the world will continue to be a more dangerous place to live in. The planned savagery and brutality in Gaza, where 670 Palestinians have been slaughtered, has yet to awaken world conscience, while an arrogant Israeli PM justifies it as self defense.


Lahore, July 23.