Washington  - Kesha has been learning to block out negativity. The Tik Tok singer spent the first part of the year in a rehabilitation centre for treatment to deal with anorexia and bulimia.

Having made a good recovery, the 27-year-old has returned to the spotlight with a baby blue mane of hair. ‘I feel like I’m a rainbow. This is my new thing. I’m a rainbow before I used to dress a lot in black. And Now I’ve let colour into my life. It’s very metaphorical,’ she explained during an appearance on Good Morning America. ‘I’m doing really well. Thanks for asking. I’ve been overwhelmed. The amount of love and support I’ve received is insane. It was really touching. I’m so grateful for it.’

The Timber singer has been very open about her struggles since leaving the treatment facility outside of Chicago after a two month residency. She admitted that her empowering lyrics in songs like Warrior and We R Who We R hadn’t translated to her private life, where criticism of her figure had led her to treat her body badly. But now she is becoming better equipped at dealing with any horrible comments that come her way.

Just really learning to block out negativity and not letting hateful messages get to me, because I’ve received some pretty hateful things,’ she said. Now she is healthy, in both body and mind, Kesha is happily working on new music, and is also acting as an expert on the reality TV singing competition show, Rising Star. I’ve written all sorts of different kinds of songs, she revealed. One song is kind of country. And other ones are just kind of about the craziness of life. I write all my own music. So I’ve just been writing like crazy.