MUMBAI - Sania Mirza's appointment as brand ambassador of the newly created Telangana state may not have gone well with the BJP leaders, but her mother-in-law in Pakistan has welcomed the move. "We are happy and proud that our daughter-in-law has got recognition in this way", Sultana, the mother of Shoaib Malik, said over telephone from Sialkot. After being engaged to Shoaib in 2009, the professional Indian tennis star Sania married to him in April 2010. Shoaib's mother didn't want to comment on Sania's "Indian status". "I am and Indian and will always remain Indian", Sania is reported to have said. However, Sania's in-laws does miss her in Ramazan festivals in Pakistan. "We would have been happier had she been in Pakistan during this holy-month, but perhaps because of her professional career, she has to travel a lot and can't stay here permanently", she added. "Sania did come here in Pakistani in March and may come again in December", the mother-in-law added. "Shoaib has been playing (Caribbean Premier League, 2014) in West Indies", she further added.                          –BIPIN DANI