Dr. Tahirul Qadri’s call to all government servants to leave their jobs, shows that the gentleman is out of touch with reality. Thousands are jobless in Pakistan and many have paid millions of rupees to get government jobs, which provide an option for earning extra income in grafts and bribes. Qadri is trying to copy Gandhi’s call to boycott the British government and resign from government posts, but those people were dedicated to their cause, and wanted to throw the British out of India. He will be unable to find dedicated people inside this corrupt system that has eroded our conscience. The revolution that Qadri promises seems impossible. I don’t know what he is promising to all the people he has asked to resign; will he take responsibility for their families and their upkeep? Does he expect these families to starve or join the IDPs who still have not been taken care of properly? I wish that instead of ranting and raving, he would give us some clear solutions.


Karachi, July 4.