With no accountability or punishment in Pakistan, cruelty against poor has increased, and against children has become many fold. A landlord in Gujrat chopped of both arms of a 10 year old boy over a minor issue. What made this man so cruel? The knowledge that there is no law enforcement in the country and his money can buy him leniency! This was the law of the jungle, ‘survival of the fittest’ which has become ‘survival of the richest’ in Pakistan and has made Pakistan a jungle where everyone fears for his life.

Whatever the legalities, in order to do justice it must be made a case of ‘A tooth for tooth and eye for eye’ as said in the Holy Quran. Ghulam Mustafa the criminal should have both his arms chopped off publically and I assure you no one will ever, after this , hurt an innocent poor person. Someone has to be the first hero! Our police and judiciary the two most corrupt organs of state must stand up for human rights. All the property belonging to this land owner should be given to the poor boys family as he has made him a handicap dependent on others for the rest of his life!


Rawalpindi, July 24.