Since Judicial Commission has given a report, it is time for political parties to move on and address real issues. However the fact remains that numerous administrative irregularities were committed by the Election Commission, which failed to enforce its writ on individuals involved in violating rules and this needs to be rectified through reforms and organizational restructuring.

The PM needs to cut back on his numerous foreign trips and take an interest in good governance by ensuring that his cabinet and bureaucracy start delivering. People who voted for PML-N because they were disgusted with PPP and hoped that electoral promises would be fulfilled, which unfortunately has not happened. Universally accepted ethics for good governance, such as ‘conflict of Interest,’ appointment of best qualified Pakistanis with integrity to head key state institutions, especially regulatory and financial organizations, with an independent Auditor General to scrutinize are essential to achieve results.

Collection of uniform direct taxes from every citizen earning above the threshold is essential for economic sustainability. Individuals involved in criminal and financial crimes, including tax evasion and money laundering should be given exemplary punishment, if we want to curb terrorism and restore rule of law.

State must invest in development of human resources, without which no nation can progress. Similarly PTI and other opposition parties must focus on real issues such as massive corruption, hoarding, bribery, price escalation and adulteration in basic food items, non provision of subsidized health and education or clean drinking water, lawlessness, flight of capital, money laundering and land grabbing.

Law and order cannot be restored in a country where 270 police officers were eliminated by target killers, just in one month, and instead of hanging murderers they were given compensation to form a government, nor by giving NRO or releasing convicted criminals on parole as was done by Musharraf.


Dubai, July 23.