Islamabad - The speakers were all praise for founding Chairman of The Nation and Nawa-i-Waqt Group late Majid Nizami who throughout his journalistic career had never compromised on the shining principles of journalism and was ardent and vocal supporter of ‘Two Nations Theory’ which provided the base for creation of Pakistan.

To mark his first death anniversary, Majid Nizami Memorial Trust has organised a reference here at Nawa-i-Waqt House on Saturday under the chair of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz(PML-N) Senator Lt. Gen(Retd) Abdul Qayyum. Prominent among those who addressed the reference titled, ‘The role of literature in journalism and politics’ Prof. Fateh Mohammad Malik, Dr Ahsan Akbar, Hameed Shahid, Zafar Bakhtawari, Nazakat Hussain, Ms Sher Mansoor, Hameed Shahid, Prof. Jamil Yousaf, Aysha Masood, Farah Deeba, Munera Shamim, Naeem Fatima and Hakeem Mohammad Shaharanpuri.

Terming late Majid Nizami a towering personality in the field of journalism who has left deep imprints on both print and electronic media, Lt. Gen.(Retd) Abdul Qayyum Khan said that actually he was the field martial of journalism who had never compromised on principles and had never bowed down even during the harshest days of dictatorial regimes in the country and continued with practicing real journalism.

He further said that it was under his able guidance and meticulous efforts which helped transform Nawa-i-Waqt Group into an institution known for its patriotism and protector and promoter of ideology of Pakistan.

Qayyum said that he had never seen Majid Nizami compromising on the national interests whenever he found something going odd against the country he was among the frontrunner to raise voice for the cause of the country and Muslim Ummah.

He regretted that now when Indian Prime Minister Modi had confessed that they had role in breakup of Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh they have no person like him (Majid Nizami) to give them befitting reply.

Gen.(Retd) Qayyum also spoke about his professional acumen and personal experiences with him and recalled his (Majid Nizami) visit to Pakistan Ordinance Factory Wah when he was its chairman.

Gen.(Retd) Qayyum said that besides his matchless services in the field of journalism Majid Nizami had played vital role for the promotion of democratic order in the country and he was among the forerunners who had vociferously raised voice when democratic order came under threat from any quarter.

Lt. Gen.(Retd) Abdul Qayyum Khan said that the incumbent political dispensation was working hard on bringing positive changes in the lives of the people and he could safely said that over the past two years they had brought radical changes and at least put the country on road to progress and prosperity.

He expressed his confidence that on completion of their mandated term the things would have been much better than now and people would start reaping the benefits of the democratic order.

The other speakers also paid glowing tributes to late Majid Nizami for his services for journalism and establishment of democratic order in the country. They said that it would not possible to encompass the traits of his larger than life image in single sitting, which has multifaceted dimensions.

They all hoped that like founding chairman of Nawa-i-Waqt Group late Hamid Nizami and Majid Nizami now Ms Rameeza Majid Nizami would follow in their footsteps and continue with the mission of protecting and promoting the cause of the country through practicing real journalism based on principles.