It has been reported that Pakistan insists that no talks with India can be held without Kashmir, while BJP differs and says that India will stick to talk agenda in Ufa Joint Statement that does not include Kashmir. It appears Pakistan’ leadership has been bamboozled at Ufa by the wily Indian leadership to push Pakistan in a verbal cul-de-sac by confusing the issue at which Indian leadership is a past master. Our Gujranwala style leadership, wherein Japanese wrestler Anoki dismantled the shoulder joint of Bholoo wrestler by a ‘Dau.’

It appears our leadership of Mian Sahib and Sartaj Aziz is not equal to the crookedness of Indian leaders. They play by the book, being nice and courteous, while Indian leadership plays out of the box using guile and tricks. We need leadership to match the Indians, otherwise we will make a laughing stock of ourselves. Diplomacy requires the art of politics, like that of Kissinger who played a leading role in bringing USA and China close by using his historic qualities of politics that is so rare in our simpleton leadership, who want to act as ‘goody goody’ and are waylaid at every corner in diplomacy.


Lahore, July 14.