The brutal, cold blooded, targeted murder of Amjad Sabri on June 22 took the life of an icon that can rightly be called Pakistan’s Luciano Pavarotti. Amjad Sabri’s Qawalis will continue to resonate across the hearts and minds of millions. Unfortunately, the curse of terrorism and intolerance has deprived Pakistan of many talented and brilliant individuals. In our country thousands have fallen prey to this devilish pursuit of blind power and greed. Amjad Sabri was a true and loyal patriotic son of Pakistan. Fame and fortune did not make him arrogant. He was very humble. Despite the protest of many citizens, the governing bodies lack to take action against criminals and enforce regulations. 

Pakistan is the biggest existential threat to its sovereignty from within its borders. Moreover, it lacks devoted citizens as majorities are bent on ignorance 


Lahore, June 24.