It seems like Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) can’t pass up on a good conspiracy theory. In fact it seems to conduct its political business around it. First the Taliban’s “real” and virtuous back-story was extolled, then came the grand conspiracy to deprive the rightful Prime Minister – Imran Khan, who else – of his post through election rigging, and now we hear the outlandish claim by PTI Central Information Secretary, Naeem ul Haque, that Nawaz Sharif had faked his open heart surgery to escape political criticism.

At this rate the PTI will soon be telling us that the 9/11 bombings were an inside job, Tupac Shakur is still alive, and the Freemasons secretly control the world.

While it is amusing to see the party reach conclusions in illogical leaps and bound this recent claim is ridiculous and fairly despicable. Naeem ul Haque does not have even a shred of evidence to prove what he is saying, but because his inflammatory comments will find traction amongst his supporters he goes on with confident inanity. To begin with, he contradicts himself; saying that “I was in London recently and received information from several doctors”, then going on to say that the doctor “has not been named” and information is “sketchy at best”. Which one is it, is it sketchy or is he well-informed?

Perhaps Mr. Haque does not understand the concept of ‘patient-doctor’ confidentiality. You cannot walk in a hospital a demand to see the medical records of a person unrelated to you – they will throw you out, or call the police if you are being too insistent. Perhaps he simply treats refusals to divulge information as confirmation of the fact – an unfortunate trait for an Information Secretary.

However, the most lamentable fact is that this latest logical gaffe was in extremely bad taste. The Prime Minister’s cardiac problems are well documented, and the recent open heart surgery was a fairly serious one. The whole nation put aside their petty squabbles to wish him the best of health when he left, yet the self proclaim “founding member” of PTI can’t forgo cheap political points to do the same? This comment lacked class, decency and common sense.

It is good to see that some sense prevails in the party; PTI MNA Arif Alvi quickly went on record to say that he personally had no doubts about the surgery – disowning the leaky mouthed PTI spokesperson. There is already mass confusion in the country; nobody believes anybody and conspiracy theories are crouched within other conspiracy theories. The PTI should not add to that, and focus on hard cold facts.