Whenever CM Punjab visit any city, it’s called a ‘Surprise Visit’. I am unable to understand that what kind of surprise this is, in which media reporters, cameramen and officers of Info. Department (Punjab) are along with CM. As CM leaves from his residence or secretariat, people who are with CM on that time leak this news to divisional and district officers of Punjab.

Due to the expected arrival of the CM, helipads are being built in many districts and road cleaning starts in no time. Security persons also deploy on the expected route of CM. All local administration forgets their actual duties and run towards the helipad to give a warm welcome to the CM. People end up facing trouble due to missing officers. Relevant officers quickly make everything appear order as per rules and regulations for a short time and present the report of “All Okay” to CM.

What kind of ‘surprise’ is this, when everyone has information of visit before your arrival?

Mr. CM 1400 years ago, when Rashidun caliphs visited secretly to get the information about problems in which their public was suffering, they changed their appearance so that no one can recognise them. As per their (Rashidun caliphs) intention, nobody had information that the ruler was wandering among the public.

Mr. CM Punjab you should officially inform the respective district management where you want to visit so that they do not squander funds and resources of this poor public to welcome you.


Sahiwal, June 24.