Street sweeping keeps our cities, towns and villages neat and clean. Removing waste materials from the roadways and gutters is important because these materials could end up in the sewerage drains. Keeping the drains clean not only helps to reduce water pollution, but also reduces the likelihood of flooding during heavy rain. 

All the city streets in the Federal Capital, Islamabad, were swept meticulously and regularly and at that time Islamabad was called Islamabad- The Beautiful, but nowadays the practice is no longer continued. Like many dwellers of G-9/3 sector, I have witnessed that street sweepers keep on piling leaves or other debris in the street or in the gutter. They always leave garbage, food waste or overflowing bins on the streets. Is the Capital Development Authority (CDA) or the relevant organisations in other cities, towns and villages ensuring that street sweeping is being done regularly and properly as it used to be done in the past? 


Islamabad, June 22.