LAHORE: The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), on Tuesday, carried on an operation based on the intelligence report and it succeeded in arresting two terrorists of a banned outfit from Lahore’s Walton Road.

The CTD has increased the number of operations to eliminate terrorists from the provincial capital after the brutal blast in Lahore that killed over 26 people.

According to CTD spokesman, the arrested terrorists Ali Noor and Sartaj Khan were members of a banned organization. The spokesman also informed that the terrorists were equipped with hand grenades and other explosive material.

The spokesman further added that during initial interrogation, the terrorists revealed that they wanted to target the law enforcement agencies in the city. The arrested terrorists have been shifted to some undisclosed location for further investigation.

Meanwhile, in Shadman area of Lahore, at least four dacoits were killed in an encounter with police in the busy hours of Wednesday.

According to sources, Punjab Police received an emergency ‘15’ phone call made by the security guard of the area to inform that four dacoits had broken into a house with intention to rob, in Lahore’s posh area Shadman.

Police said, after receiving the phone call, immediately responded and cordoned off the surroundings of the house where four dacoits were present. Their appeals made to the bandits to surrender were met with firing in response. In exchange of fire police managed to kill all the dacoits.

According to the sources, the encounter between police and dacoits lasted for three hours. The dead bodies of the dacoits were shifted to Mayo Hospital for autopsy. Police also succeeded in seizing huge quantity of arms used by the dacoits.