Syed Sohaib uddin

Today on the third death anniversary of Mr. Majid Nizami we are commemorating his leadership and role of anchor for the whole nation. Nizami Sahib the man who had nerves of iron. He was lover of Pakistan and strong advocate of the ideology of Pakistan, enemy of enemies of Pakistan and man of discipline and principles. He supported the freedom struggle of Kashmiris and end to Indian occupation of Kashmir.

Even today I feel that a car would come in the porch and a white haired Nizami Sahib with a smile on his face would enter the office. Every person who interacted with that giant personality must have some opinion on him. The sharing of stories about Majid Nizami would continue in future. Words are not enough to express feelings about the towering personality.

He was a very humble personality. I saw him first time on September 1st, 1987 when I got job in Nawa-i-Waqt. My first impression was that such a stunning personality must be a very strict person. But I found him to be a humble person in my 27 years long journey in journalism.

As the time passed, his personality traits unfolded in front of me. He never raised his voice or shouted at any employee. If he wanted to get something done he would politely ask "Can this work be done?"

Contrary to his soft personality he would get aggressive whenever he heard someone talking against the defence of Pakistan and ideology of Pakistan.

He was awarded with a title of Mujahid-e-Pakistan (warrior of Pakistan) by the first Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan in 1946.

Perhaps this was the reason that he remained warrior of Pakistan throughout his life. Pakistan's enemy became his enemy and he always defended the cause and ideology till last breath of his life.

For the struggle of Kashmir he remained concerned and condemned Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir.

Nizami Sahib had different opinion against popular narrative when Soviet Union (Russia) attacked Afghanistan in 1980s or when US attacked the Iraq in 2003. He continued the jihad with his pen.

He also raised his voice against the Israel's atrocities on innocent Palestinians and did not accept the occupation of Palestine.

Majid Nizami practically helped for 'Biharis (Pakistanis)' stranded in Bangladesh. He helped in every way and wanted to bring them back to Pakistan. They still live in camps in Dhaka and have named their camps as 'Pakistan.' The works initiated by him are continuing even after the death of Majid Nizami.

Nizami Sahib always followed the hadith 'The best jihad is to speak truth in front of an oppressor' and Nawa-i-Waqt newspaper is testimony to this fact. He stood up against the dictatorship of Pervez Musharraf and openly asked him in a meeting of newspapers editors as to when would he leave Pakistan alone.