It came as a surprise for me when I did not find Nawa-i-Waqt's Editor late Majid Nizami in his office at 1:15 pm. From there I reached his house. I was told by his servant Sattar that he (Majid Nizami) was not at home.

From there I reached Nazaria Pakistan Trust building, but he was not there as well. I remember that both of his cars were parked at his home. Where is Majid Nizami? I thought and my concern grew as he was my very close friend.

I rang the Doctor's Hospital' reception and asked them about Majid Nizami. He was not being treated there. I went to Punjab Institute of Cardiology and found his name among the patients list.

There I found Majid Nizami in one of the hospital's room where Majid Nizami's close relative Mrs Nisar Aziz Butt and family friend Dr Shahid Gurmani were already present. It is merely a coincidence that the room in which Nizami Sahib was under treatment was adjacent to that room where I had remained under treatment for 20 days a year ago. At that time Nizami Sahib always came in person to visit me and inquire about my health.

I asked the family members if they needed any kind of help but they refused saying they had everything and enough people present there. As I entered the room Nizami Sahib looked at me with a smile. I asked him in my own style how he landed up in hospital. He replied with a smile that he was not feeling well so Dr Shahid had asked him to come in for treatment. It was his first step towards his heavenly abode.

Dr Shahid told me Nizami Sahib needed complete rest. After spending some time I reached back home and went to Gymkhana in my usual routine for playing golf. From there I later I went to PIC.

Seeing him in the condition did not reflect the pain he was going through as he always controlled his emotions and there was no expression of pain on his face.

After a few days I came to know Nizami Sahib had been shifted to Doctor's Hospital. This was told by nursing staff who said that they were deprived of the opportunity of serving such a kind man.

I reached Doctor's Hospital where his daughter Rameeza Majid Nizami was also present. She went to meet the doctor to discuss about the health of Nizami Sahib.

While I sat with Nizami Sahib; leaving only when I heard that Mian Shahbaz Sharif was about to reach to visit Majid Nizami.

In the evening I came to know that Majid Nizami was shifted to the ICU where 'No visitor allowed' was written on the door. I came to know about the presence of the Rameeza Majid Nizami along with other. I preferred to go outside the room before doctor asked me to leave as it was ICU. I sat on the bench outside the cabin with his driver Quddus.

He told me Nizami Sahib's health was deteriorating so he was shifted here in ICU. After three to four days I was not allowed to enter the ICU. I remember him waving his hand to me for the last time. How can I forget that memorable moment?