Kurram Agency, known for its serene beauty, is witnessing militancy since 2006. Along with Orakzai Agency, a significant population of Shia Muslims lives in this part of FATA. With the rise of religious militant organisations in the FATA region, Kurram Agency also experienced the brutality of Tehreek-i-Taliban. Kurram proved the most suitable battlefield for Sunni sectarian organisations. TTP served as an umbrella organisation for sectarian groups responsible for violent attacks against Shias.

Though a truce between Shia and Sunni population of the area was reached in 2011, till this day, the Shia population of the area is exposed to violent attacks led by various Sunni militant groups. Kurram Agency was paralysed because of the sectarian conflict from 2006 to 2011. However, the adverse effects of that fight and subsequent violent activities had impacted the lives of locals on multiple levels. One such front is the psychological one. People of the agency are suffering from psychological disorders because of the financial and human losses they have suffered.

Psychiatrists have appealed to the government to establish a body for providing aid and rehabilitation facilities to those who are affected in one way or another due to violent activities in the region. The demands these experts have made are genuine and need the attention of concerned authorities. Psychiatrists have revealed that a growing number of patients from the violence-inflicted areas are visiting them daily. They are alarmed over growing depression, post-traumatic stress disorders as well as anxiety among the locals of Kurram Agency. The specialists opine that continuous acts of terrorism are the major causes of all these psychological ailments.

The violence that has engulfed the valley for almost a decade now has long lasting impact on the memories of the people. They are fighting terrorism the second time. They first fought it in their homeland, now they are fighting it in their memory. Inhabitants have suffered emotionally and financially. According to one estimate, one person from every house has become the victim of terrorism activities during the past few years.

One specialist says that the natives have paid the price for the decade long conflict. There are foundations, which take care of the orphans and help them in getting other needs of life. However, the state has hardly taken any step to share the burden of the victims or to make their miseries bearable.