SADIQABAD-Speakers at a seminar stressed the need for educating students in national language Urdu to cover decades-long journey of country's development in years.

The seminar titled "Urdu Zaban" was organised by Punjab Group of Colleges here the other day. Prominent figures of Urdu literature from across RY Khan district attended the seminar.

Speaking on the occasion, Punjab College Rizwan Aslam stressed the need for educating students in their national language Urdu. "We have neglected our national language for English. We should learn other languages too but mustn't ignore importance of Urdu," he pointed out. It is an undeniable fact that students learn fast in their mother or national language than any other foreign language, he added.

Prof Sajjad Mansoor said that some institutions intentionally impose English medium syllabus on students. "The importance of English cannot be denied but we should also play our due role for the development of our national language," he emphasised. He said that famous books in foreign languages should be translated into Urdu so that students could read the books in the language they are familiar with.

The speakers also advised the teachers to focus on character building of students instead make them cramming books all the year.

Water shortage irks residents

Residents of several localities are unable to carry out routine works due to suspension of water supply.

Talking to The Nation, residents including Mujahid Hussain, Khalid Afridi, Nauman, Shabbir, Zulfiqar Ali and Manzoor Ahmed said that water suspension in the summer by the administration is nothing less than injustice. Despite paying water supply bills every month, they are being kept deprived of water, they regretted. They said that they complained the authorities concerned about the situation but in vain. They demanded the RY Khan deputy commissioner to take notice of the situation and resolve their problem.

185 examined at free

medical camp

At least 185 diabetes and skin patients were examined and provided with medicines at a free medical camp organised by Al-Rehman Welfare Foundation (AWF) here the other day.

The camp was organised under the supervision of AWF President Abdul Waheed Qureshi. Medical Officer Dr Waseem examined the patients. Talking to The Nation, Mr Qureshi said that the AWF is a charitable organisation and all its welfare operations are carried out with donations from philanthropists. AWF Information Secretary Abdul Majid Sukhera said that the objective of establishing the camp was to provide the poor people with free medical facilities.