The common man was out on the street, exercised his right to vote as Pakistan get ready to form another democratic government soon after the elections.

With everyone talking about the elections and waiting to see who comes into power, Pakistanis have started a rather unique trend during these general elections.

According to a report aired by a private news channel, the proud voters of Pakistan have taken to social media to show off their right to vote by posting pictures of their ink stained thumbs on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram etc.

Whilst people are enjoying the elections on their own, these thumbfies have become a new trend as we speak.

Not only masses but the sports personalities and showbiz and glam stars of the entertainment industry were also running high and motivated their fans and followers to vote for Pakistan. After casting their votes, celebrities as well as youngsters took pictures of their inked thumbs posted on different social media pages.

Film actor Adnan Malik posted a picture of himself on Instagram, showing his inked thumb after casting his vote.

Singer Bilal Khan also followed suit, but instead of a long caption like Malik, he just added a hashtag of #tabdeeli, with his inked stained thumb .