Apropos news published in your paper about report submitted in SC Pakistan that Bhoja Air was allowed to restart operations with an aircraft which was not issued Airworthiness Certificate, nor was crew properly trained, yet they were allowed to fly killing 152 human beings on 20 April 2012. The than Chairman CAA, DG CAA, CFO, head of CAA Engineering inspection, Chief Pilot CAA Standards and GM Licensing are responsible for Culpable Homicide and must be prosecuted and given exemplary punishment for death of passengers who pay taxes to regulator for performing regulatory functions ensuring safe travel. As if these criminal negligence were not enough CAA ignored that Bhoja did not have finances required to meet mandatory obligation to provide adequate insurance cover to passengers in case of mishap. 

If Pakistan Government and other state institutions funded by taxpayers fail to bring these criminals to book, such criminal oversights will continue to occur. There is no rocket science in concluding that corruption was involved, otherwise why should basic minimum requirements not be fulfilled by CAA. What purpose does CAA serve if it fails to perform its regulatory duties as per ICAO standards. CAA is dominated by either corrupt or incompetent mediocrity and cronies which is reflected by their failure to carry out proper investigation into any air crash that has occurred involving Pakistan registered aircraft nor have any next of kin got adequate insurance compensation, although fares charged are equivalent to those prevailing internationally. 


Peshawar, July 7.