Man is to err! If humans were perfect, there would be no need for laws to govern them. There would be no crimes, no legislature, no executive, no judiciary. In an ideal world, however, this is not what makes cultures vultures and venom. It is averse to human nature to live and respect norms and principles without digging and excavating gains and pains involved to live a princely life without hard work. To be curious is human, to rule, to conquer, to dominate is in our nature.

Describing human nature, we could go into lengthy discussions. What is debatable here is to differentiate between gold and “all that glitters like gold.” To extract money from honey and eat what suits, and to learn to find a perfect match between the ruler and the ruled. In other words not to look for a marriage of convenience but working relationships. This is my topic of discussion, and I shall ponder, with your help, to search for a way to design an environment of fresh air, not a dream society which in my opinion is non-existent!

Pakistan politics is a perfect model where a tiny number of educated populace dreams of a flawless political regime, free of vulture culture resulting in an ideal society where survival is beyond just bare existence! Where basic needs are readily available! The tragedy begins where that tiny group of human brain diggers cannot distinguish between the basics needed to lay the foundations of a just society. It is quite understandable where the choices are limited, and one tends to pick what is easily cheaply available, meaning accessible, approachable to them.

Remember we are not talking about the common man who can pick and chose his leader who can make his dreams come true. We are looking at the steps, the ladders, the dressings from a middleman who decides, designs, the doctrine for an appropriate leader suitable to their culture and causes. If in an ideal world, the common man was to be involved in the exercise of ascendency to power of leader of his choice, the results of politics would not only be different but would bear fruits as well. There are hurdles here which would deter the dogma of development much needed for durable, dependable political structure! Such as

A saying goes that a nation’s future is drafted and designed by media. The tragedy with Pakistan is that media is still at the Montessori stage, divided, not yet ripe to pass on a mature doctrine of political development to the public who are naive and unaware of pros and cons of selecting the inappropriate leadership. Media in Pakistan is still at a very early stage of exercising its strength to structure a robust political system in Pakistan. It is saleable, divided on basics, immature to the core, and practically more of a most profitable business entity cheaply available to make quick gains. In a country where commerce has collapsed, media provides a viable business opportunity for hawks and money mongers! It is undoubtedly the best business prospect for merchants of immortality. Hence, strictly speaking, the media based elections are most unlikely to bring results beneficial to the nation’s much-cherished stability for designing a modern state!

A real leader is never a result of circumstances. He is not brought up or nurtured by certain section or sections of beneficiaries sowing seeds of a plant designed to grow fruits to be eaten when ripe. A leader is always a born leader who plans political development, structures foundations, deletes and debates the false perceptions causing cancer in a developing society. He does not just gain popularity by beating the trumpet of a dead honest and dead clean person. These are the essentials for ascendency to the club of front-runners, pioneers, innovators and future power blocks. Having been educated in Aitchison college, studied from Oxford and raised legal funds to live in a lavish bungalow and publicising honesty to be as enough of a qualification for the chair and share of the cherry is just the very basics needed for a selection in an election. This is more an election slogan than anywhere near a political theory for the development of a nation. A leader comes from the masses. He understands the issues of public importance. He reflects their dreams, and his vision is part and parcel of the common man’s wishes and needs. Essentially he must be a people’s person. Importantly, he should be one of them rather be for them.

It is essential that to be a successful future leader the majority of the masses choose a leader who has the political acumen, well-elaborated economic policy, with a dream of a modern state backed by ideas and aides that are needed to turn dreams into reality. The culture of a judiciary’s overreach creating a vacancy for a candidate to jump in and grab then dropped apple like a hungry lion may result into temporary victory to “fill in the vacancy “ and enjoy the politics of power. However, it’s consequences are grave.

The gigantic task of building a nation from ground to glory is, however, far more an enormous task than one point agenda of “justice” or Insaf in other words. A formidable deep-rooted economic policy commensurate to socio-cultural and geopolitical needs is the basis for any take-off of a nation smashed to the ground by variable internal and external forces so deeply involved in their agenda. Yes, strong, viable dependable departments, void of any corruption are equally essential for the success of any economic policy. That is, however, only one aspect of a direction needed by a nation hoping to stand on its two feet.

Last but not the least, for the success of a leader or a party, public support is not only essential but vital for the success of a government and its policies in the long run. Coming to power through the back door, through non-political roads, can only push the nation decades back into a ditch causing irreparable losses both socially, culturally and worse of all economically as well. If absolute success is what is dreamt, acquiring absolute authority of public is the basis, and absolute power corrupts, if not checked by an independent, honest pupil!

One party down and out for reasons of corruption in general elections is understandable. Achieving a sizeable majority, with the help of the public, is the basis of political prosperity. Defeat by the judiciary in corruption case can only damage a party to an extent. Making a place in the hearts of the common man is not easily achievable unless the masses feel fall and force entry of their choicest leader through ballot not through the back door.

The change we all are dreaming and hoping for, if you ask me, is far from reality. It is only a dream at the moment. The tools, the tactics, the torrid bumpy road to success to acquire durability is a torturous path to walk on. Rabbits can increase population like wildfire but trees that give oxygen to a dying body grow in decades with the blood and soul of a dedicated, honest far-sighted father, not a child brought up in an environment of lords educated in the Aitchison College.


The author is an employee of British Rail, London.