In a series of Tweets Jemima Goldsmith, former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran wished him on the obvious victory in the general election.

She recalled Imran's political career how despite all the hurdles he faced all the difficulties, never gave up and after 22 years he achieved his goal.

"I remember the Ik's first election in 1997- untested, idealistic & politically naive. I waited for the call in Lahore and it was a clean sweep", she wrote on Twitter.

Jemima further wrote, "'after the 22 years of humiliation, struggle, hardships and sacrifices today, my sons' father is the next PM of Pakistan. Imran's struggle is an incredible lesson in tenacity, belief & refusal to accept defeat."

she congratulated Imran on his victory and said now the most important and hard part for him is to remember 'why he entered politics in the first place'.

Imran Khan married Jamima back in 1995 whereas they parted their ways in 2004.