KARACHI - As the city’s most unexciting general election came to an end, the activists of different politics parties manifested least interest about election results, according to them “We need peace and prosperity in our city whoever win.” On the other side, the activists also expressed serious concern about de-politicisation of the city as low turnout reflected people have shown slightest attention to cast the vote.

“I have been turning out since 2008, but today it seems people have lost all hope in prevailing system,” commented Abdul Aziz, an activist of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) at North Nazimabad.

The constituency NA-256 comprises different parts of the city where Jamat Islami have vast majority of its sympathizers and supporters, though they never got the seats when MQM used to rule the city.

Aziz said if we set aside the Rangers operation against MQM, we have been expecting that the political demography of the city have been revolutionised, but now the low turnout expressed something different.

“I don’t know what is being cooked, but it is the reality that voters are so depressed due to political condition in the country,” he said, adding that “We have been told that MMA will get some seats in Karachi as voters of MMA still coming out but overall condition of the city is not good.” “But overall political environment is lacked in city,” he sighed.

An MQM activist from NA-253, the constituency where MQM headquarter 90 located, expressed that everybody know who will set up new government in Karachi, but let me tell you that we would cast the vote for kite, because MQM is only real party of the city.

When asking about boycott of MQM London boycott, he said that “It is none of our business, we have to be turned out to Kite. “I wish our city make peace and harmony and that is all,” he concluded.

He was also so depressed about low turnout of the city.

An activist of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Rakesh Kumar, who were busy convincing people at the camp, setup near Hotel Metropole, however, said that “We all know that people will make us win as people feel sick due to current statuesque.” He said that PTI will make Judiciary and Pak Army more strong and thrown away all corrupt political leaders like Nawaz Sharif.

“If we need prosperity in our life and wanted to solve all problems like energy, education, health and employment, we all need PTI,” he commented. Replying to question, he said “people are casting vote in vast majority, those who are talking about low turnout, are actually losers.”

Same as reflected by the activists of Tehrik Labial Ya Rasool Allah, and Rah-e-Haq Party and Allah Akbar Tehrik, according to them “We all need change, as activists of political parties, we need education and employment.”

“The country has been devastated by the policies of corrupt political leaders, and whatever it takes, we need our country better,” he said.

“I agree, people are not interested to be turnout, but it is happening due to corruption of political parties,” he said, adding that “The current government must address the issue of youth so that we can get real progress.”