KARACHI - The city witnessed election day without any major violent incident as law enforcement agencies made foolproof security during poll across the city.

According to the details, the law enforcement agencies including Pak Army, Rangers and police officers and personnel performed duties across the city. The paramilitary troops were seen standing inside the polling booths while ranger’s personnel were taking position within the polling stations while police covers the outer wall of each polling station.

As many as four Pakistan Army soldiers were performed duties covers the areas of polling booths while some two ranger’s personnel have performed duties outside the pooling booths while police officials and personnel have performed duties in three categories.  According to the mutual security agencies security plan, at least 21 colonels rank Pakistan army officers along with 42 Majors and 19522 subordinates performed election duties in the metropolis.

In the second tier of the security rangers deployed some 9776 officers and personnel performed election duties while some 9448 police personnel and officers performed duties at the 1181 highly sensitive polling stations of the city. As many as 10864 cops have performed duties to maintain the security situation of 2716 sensitive police stations. Police have deployed some 1982 police personnel at some 991 police stations considered peaceful.

Sindh police have deployed 100599 officers and personnel across the province while around 30000 police personnel were perform their duties during Election Day at polling stations.  Police said that the some 10657 personnel have had performed their duties on patrolling across the province while 2933 cops were patrol in the metropolis to cover the security situation in the metropolis.

As many as 7104 cops were deployed on motorbikes patrolling acorss the province while 1955 personnel of motorbike riders deputed for Karachi. Police have also posted 3900 police personnel and officers for emergency backup across the province.  As many as 2405 personnel and officers were performed duties for monitoring Election Day duties. Bomb Disposal Squad and police special branch have also performed duties to avoid any sort untoward incident while stationed ambulances of various welfare organizations. As the polling ended Police high ups issued the directives to the subordinates ahead of the post polling preventive measures urged to monitor the main city arteries. Police high ups directed to abstain political parties voters and supporters trying to gathered at a place either in shape of celebrations or gather for sit-in protest to avoid any sort of untoward incident. The directives issues through the police command and control center revealed that restrain any sort of gathering cause traffic jam at any main and interlink arteries.  


As many as seven polling agents among a woman arrested from different polling stations of the national assembly constituency NA-239, Malir for having fake forms 40/45. Police confirmed the arrest of polling agents of different political parties. Police said that the arrest has been made when presiding officers complained about the polling agents having fake forms No, 40/45. It has also been reported that workers and supporters of rival political party attacked and ransacked camp of prominent social activist Jibran Nasir contesting as an independent candidate from NA 247.

On the other side, NA-255, Mosa Colony area police and workers affiliated with MQM Pakistan were collided police started beaten charge to disperses the charged mob accusing police for creating trouble in polling process. End