Los Angeles-Tom Cruise has dared James Corden to skydive with him after he mocked how ‘’easy’’ his stunts look on ‘Mission: Impossible-Fallout’.

The 56-year-old actor has told the ‘Late Late Show’ host that he’ll take him parachuting after the comedian teased him about how ‘’easy’’ it is to lunge out of a plane following the rave reviews Tom got regarding his daring stunts, in which he fell from 25,000 feet, in the upcoming sequel ‘Mission: Impossible- Fallout’.

James, 43, asked during Tuesday night’s taping of his chat show: ‘’My question is... what’s wrong with you?’’

He then joked: ‘’I thought it was meh. You say jumped, it’s falling through the sky. I think we’re all getting carried away with the ‘Tom Cruise action hero’ thing.’’

However, Tom said there was ‘’a little more to it than that’’ it ‘’took 106 jumps’’ to perfect, before adding: ‘’But if you’re interested I’m happy to take you if you wanna try it. I mean if it’s so easy, you can come with me. Would you like to do it? I’m in town...’’ James shot back: ‘’Sure, I’ll do it.’’

Tom replied as he got up to shake his hand: ‘’Serious? Are you serious?’’ James said with laughter: ‘’Yes I am!’’

This isn’t the first time Tom has taken someone skydiving with him as he surprised his late mother Mary Lee South - who passed away last year at the age of 80 - with the extreme sport on Mother’s Day while he was shooting ‘Days Of Thunder’ in 1990.

As they got to the airfield, he told her: ‘’Alright darling let’s go do it.’’ He then recorded the jump and sent the footage to his three sisters.

He explained: ‘’They opened it and put it on and saw what we were doing and just [beep]ed themselves. They were like: ‘What are you doing to our mother!’’’