KHUSHAB/ UPPER DIR  -  Khushab’s women casted vote in the general elections for the first time in the history of Pakistan as on Wednesday women cast their votes in constituency NA-93 and PP-83 in village Ghugh Kalan. Females participated in the process of polling in Khushab, first time after the independence of Pakistan. Women of the district are excited for this new change.

Meanwhile, women have also stepped out of their houses to exercise their Constitutional right to vote in Upper Dir area. Long queues of women wait outside the polling stations in NA-5 and PK-12 constituencies in Upper Dir were seen with happy mood and excitement.

According to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), any constituency where women are stopped from voting or face any obstacles in the polling process, it will immediately become invalid.

ECP further added that the results of any constituency would be declared invalid if the female turnout would be less than 10 per cent and anyone found involved in such an activity would be given imprisonment for 3 years.