Born in 1953 in Sindh, Nazeer Abbasi was a political activist who worked for the rights of the working classes, peasants. He was first arrested at a very young age for participating in a hunger strike of Baldia Employees Union in Tando Allahyar. During Patt Feeder peasant movement of Baluchistan in 1976, Abbasi organized a movement of peasants to resist any kind of unjust displacement. He got married in 1978 but was soon arrested in 1980 along with his fellow activists for their criticisms of General Zia’s dictatorship. During his arrest, he was tortured to death a month later. He was 27 years old at the time of his death. His dead body was not returned to his family and was quietly buried at the Sakhi Hasan Graveyard in Karachi. According to an official at the Edhi Foundation who buried Abbasi, it seemed as though some one had attacked every part of his body with a broken glass bottle. Despite multiple attempts, protests by his fellow activists in Sindh, the extra judicial killing of Nazeer Abbasi has never been investigated and the culprits are still at large.

People like Nazeer Abbasi, who challenge, question the political and class elites of their times, who push the state for more democratic, egalitarian, progressive, just society are the real heroes of our country who deserve to be celebrated instead of being brutally persecuted.

“Whatever happened to Nazeer Abbasi is still happening

to many others even after 70 years of Pakistan”