MIRPUR (AJK) - Describing the visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to the United States extremely successful, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) AJK Chapter’s Central Secretary Information and the central spokesperson for the party Ershad Mahmud said that the visit was a milestone in the history of close bilateral ties.

Commenting on the successful visit of the party’s supremo and Prime Minister of Pakistan to the United States, Ershad said that Pakistan achieved a major breakthrough during the premier’s visit to Washington getting the only super power admitted and recognised Kashmir as an unresolved global issue which needed to be resolved in line with the aspirations and wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Talking to this correspondent on Thursday, he said that the people of Jammu and Kashmir were thankful to US President Donald Trump for his categorical offer to perform as mediator to resolve the much-delayed Kashmir issue on the demand of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United States a couple of weeks ago.

The senior Kashmiri journalist, analyst-cum-politician said that the Trump’s offer of mediation towards resolution of Kashmir issue had established the reality that Washington was also always a peace-loving country and seek peace the world over through performing his due global role to help establish peace in conflict zones the world over.

Resolution of Kashmir issue will result in ever-lasting peace in South Asia

Ershad expressed the hope that India would also give a matching response to the US President’s offer of mediation to ensure peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute in line with the wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, major party to the long-standing issue, which, he added, is the stumbling block in normalization of relations between India and Pakistan.

Ershad further termed the premier’s visit to the United State as landmark in the history of Jammu and Kashmir state when, perhaps for the first time, any US President categorically offered mediation to facilitate resolve the much-delayed Kashmir conflict between the two nuclear-armed neighbours.

While welcoming President Donald Trump’s offer of mediation for the settlement of J&K issue, he said that it was very praiseworthy statement of the US President. “The unanimous views of the US President Trump and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan towards the need of the peaceful settlement of Kashmir issue through mediation by Washington would help promote emergence of ever-lasting peace in South Asia,” he observed.

Ershad said that in the light of the US President’s firm and categorical offer of mediation, the people of J&K were fully hopeful of the President Trump and the Prime Minister Imran Khan that both the leaders would compel India to cooperate for resolving J&K issue.

The Kashmiri leader underlined that the United States had been taking interest, time to time in the past, for a peaceful solution to Kashmir issue. “And now ultimately Washington realized that the durable and everlasting peace in South Asia could be established only through the permanent resolution of the J&K issue.

Ershad further said that the statement made by Trump marks a huge policy shift. “Despite New Delhi’s refusal of third party mediation on J&K issue, the disclosure made by Trump marks a huge policy shift. He hoped that both India and Pakistan seize this opportunity to forge peace by resolving the core issue of J&K through result-oriented dialogue - since Pakistan was always desirous of the peaceful resolution of the conflict through talks, he added.

To a question, the PTI AJK leader said that it was a welcome step that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had sought mediation for Kashmir issue through USA, as according to President Trump.

“I believe PM Modi has respected the mandate given by the people to him by asking Trump for mediation on Kashmir issue. Everyone wants the settlement of K-issue. People of Jammu and Kashmir collectively appeal to both India and Pakistan to seize the opportunity to resolve the long pending issue,” he said.

He further said that since the US was found desirous and in favour of the permanent settlement of Kashmir and Afghan issues, it has become crystal clear that the world’s only super power intended to restore and establish permanent peace in South Asia through the resolution of Kashmir and Afghanistan issues.

Ershad also described as appreciable and praise worthy, President Trump’s desire of the survival of the humanity and emergence of permanent peace in South Asia.

The AJK PTI leader asked the civil society across the country including patriotic forces including the people of Jammu and Kashmir to strengthen the hands of  Imran Khan to pave the way for reaching to the early peaceful solution of Kashmir issue through the involvement of the peace-loving America-like nations as mediator to help resolve the lingering conflict between the two countries - so that people of India and Pakistan could move to the ever-lasting peaceful and prosperous life and the people of Jammu & Kashmir could embrace with the blessing of freedom, he concluded.