In Bangladesh, police apprehended principal of a school, who is also an imam of a local mosque, on the charges of raping a number of children. Local RAB chief Lieutenant Colonel Kazi Samser Uddin said that after a complaint they received, they investigated into the matter and found that he has raped and sexually attacked approximately 12 girls in the madrassah.

The local people demanded justice for the victims and punishment for the teacher. Two high school teachers at a nearby town were apprehended by police in this week because of allegedly raping 20 students. Those teachers have been blackmailing and raping the students and some of their mothers for the last fours years. On the other hand, the Manusher Jonno Foundation, a local right group that published a report early this year says 433 children were raped in 2018, most of them aged between seven and 12.

The Right group must raise its voice for the justice of the victims who got sexually attacked. Also, the concerned authorities should save the children from this harmful problem which destroys their self- confidence.