It is evident from the fact that begging is a business in Pakistan. However, you can’t find a single street across the country without any beggars. Every city is full of multicultural beggars, especially Sindhis. While there is no fixed number of how many beggars are plying the streets of Pakistan, it can be assumed that the figure is daunting and increasing every day. No one can deny the fact that begging has its own economics, with turf divided and defined carefully, and law-enforcement officials paid off so that they can ply their trade.

If a begging ban is to be considered, it would depend crucially on whether law enforcement officials could be held accountable for enforcing it. Due to the absence of legal punishment for unnecessary begging, beggars are found openly begging in every street of the country. It is a sort of business without any investment.

In 2004 Punjab minister opened an organization, Child Protection Bureau. The rescue team always runs across the province wherever they see a child begging. They take them to the center of Child protection Bureau, where they fully facilitate them educationally and financially. According to Chairperson, child protection and welfare Bureau Punjab, Sarah Ahmed, we bring the children in our center, but unfortunately, most of the children’s parents come and take their children with an agreement for not letting them beg again. They leave their city but not their profession.

I am left speechless time and again how we have been made fool by these beggars. At least country now should implement its laws in every province to control begging.