FAISALABAD - Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) has asked the general public to adopt precautionary and safety measures to avert from any untoward incident during monsoon and rainy days.

FESCO spokesperson said on Saturday that chances of short-circuiting got increased during monsoon and rainy days. Hence, the people should especially focus and implement on instructions issued by the company for their safety. He said that metallic wire should not be used for cloth drying as it was a good conductor for electricity.

He said that people should use plastic cord for spreading clothes on it. He advised to use three-pin shoe for using electric iron, washing machine, refrigerator, water pumps and other electrical instruments and these items should be earthed properly before using.

He also directed the line staff not to work on live electricity lines without adopting safety measures. FESCO spends millions of rupees for the purchase of safety gadgets including safety belts, safety helmets, safety boots and safety gloves, etc.

Chances of short-circuiting get increased during monsoon and rainy days

Now, it is duty of line staff to use these gadgets properly before working on live lines for their own safety and protection.

He also asked general public to get their domestic electricity wiring checked by an expert electrician and if some faults were found in it, the same should be removed immediately on top priority basis as faults in electricity wiring cause short-circuiting which results out in fire eruption incidents.

He further said that plastic or rubber shoes should be used while operating electric items besides avoiding from tying animals with electric poles or under high tension electricity wires.

The people should immediately inform nearest FESCO Customer Service Center, Sub Divisional Office, Emergency No 118 or Toll Free Number 0800-66554 in case of short-circuiting of any electricity pole, break of electricity wire or any other emergent situation relating to electricity and avoid from touching short-circuiting items, spokesperson added.